arcade bar

Space Station Arcade Bar in Osaka

Just around the corner from my capsule hotel, there happened to be an arcade bar!  The owner is very cool and personable.  He’s an American from Maryland and decided to go to Japan to open an arcade bar.  Crazy, right? Continue reading “Space Station Arcade Bar in Osaka”

the lockup izakaya

Osaka’s Prison Themed Izakaya: The Lockup

I’m a big fan of comedy and adventure. Something lighthearted. I get anxiety and stress overthinking things in horror movies.  I also startle easily especially while I have a beverage in hand.  Watching a scary movie or going to a haunted house is way out of my comfort zone.  I avoid those situations at all costs.  But somehow we ended up at this horror/prison themed bar. Continue reading “Osaka’s Prison Themed Izakaya: The Lockup”

Owl cafe Japan

Osaka Owl Café – It’s a hoot!

I’m all about new experiences and trying something different.  BUT, I also don’t like going too far to a location that would inconvenience me.  As I was looking for things to do in Osaka on TripAdvisor that was near the hotel I was staying at (Best Western Fino Shinsaibashi Osaka), I found an Owl Café: Happy Owl Cafe Chouette.  It only had one review at the time and it was close enough to check out. Continue reading “Osaka Owl Café – It’s a hoot!”

How To Take A Failed Journey to Kinosaki Onsen

I walked over from the Intercontinental to Osaka Station at 13:00 to get a ticket for 14:00 train.  There was some difficulty getting a ticket in the office since the attendant’s English was not that good (but my Japanese is worse) so I had trouble understanding him.  I understood enough that there was a train arriving at 14:15 so I had time to go get food. Continue reading “How To Take A Failed Journey to Kinosaki Onsen”